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On-line Profits and Ecommerce

The ability to secure business profits on-line using a form of technology.
The promotion of products or services electronically.
Transforming brick and mortar business practices into an on-line marketplace.

Not Rocket Science

While ecommerce is still a new idea to many Cape Cod businesses, it is a very successful concept in the world market today. You do not have to invest millions of dollars to own a profitable on-line company. Many companies begin with very little capitol. We have seen numerous firms invest a few thousand dollars to obtain hundreds of thousands in profit each year. Those companies that have taken ecommerce seriously enjoy a return on investment in the millions, even billions.

We have personal experience selling on-line. We opened an on-line retail store in 1997 and sold millions of dollars in product. For almost 18 years our store broke national sales records. We understand what works.

Recently we designed a website for a local manufacturer. The economy had slowed their business and cut deep into their profits. Thirty days after their website was released to the public, their sales exploded. They hired a new office manager and new shop workers to help keep up with the demand. Now they are running full speed ahead with more growth predicted in the next months.

E-Commerce Classes

E-Commerce classes continue at Upper Cape Tech. Barry Tuttle, our certified web developer, is teaching how to capture on-line profits. For more information, please call Upper Cape Tech. at 508-759-7711.

Websites Earn Profit?

Cape Cod is full of static websites that don't earn a dime. Matter of fact the Internet is filled with electronic business cards that no one wants to look at. Yet there is another way...

Think outside the box is a term we often hear. When developing a website, the task is to create an on-line replica of your brick and mortar company. If you have products or services that you market, that entire process has to be converted into an on-line mirror of your business process. Sales pitch, images, pricing, payment system, etc., has to be incorporated to capture consumer revenue. We combine a number of key ingredients when we build your website and these ingredients are proven to work. Give us a call at 774-313-9147 for a free market analysis.

Selling On-line

Most websites we have designed enjoy at least 30 - 40% profit margins. You don't have to give away products or services to be successful on-line. Your business model is up to you, but if you offer a unique presentation, your site can be very successful. Your consumer base could number in the millions. We build your site so that search engines will list your products or services to attract as many qualified buyers as possible.

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