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Mobile Friendly?

When we review Cape Cod business websites, we find that a majority are not easy to navigate on mobile devices. Many websites are based upon a user's mouse click and not touch screens. Often we see websites with text that is too small to read, buttons too close together, and menus that will not open on a cell phone. When website visitors are frustrated by sites that will not work on their devices, they visit websites that are mobile friendly. Professional mobile web design will increase your revenue. We offer a "One site fits all" approach.

Mobile Design

Millions of people are using tablets, portables, and web aware cell phones. We design and engineer websites that work on cell phones and tablets as well as native Android applications. We create websites that adapt and are device independent. Whether you want to reach I-phone, Android, or Windows users, we create web applications that work on virtually any hand held device.

We design user friendly interfaces so that your client/customer can easily navigate your website or application. More happy users mean increased revenue.

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E-Commerce Classes

E-Commerce classes continue Upper Cape Tech. Barry Tuttle, our certified web developer, is teaching how to capture on-line profits. For more information, please call Upper Cape Tech. at 508-759-7711.

One Design

Imagine having to create software or a website for every device, every operating system. The costs would be staggering and the maintenance would be overwhelming. Some companies actually attempt to do this.

We believe that most, if not all programs should be web based. You can reach more clients, reduce engineering overhead, and lower maintenance costs by developing one web based application. Most devices offer a modern day browser and can use a web based application. Most devices today are also web enabled.

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Return on Investment

Sales are completed on impulse. Millions of consumers are using their hand held devices to complete business deals every day. Matter of fact, more women own tablets than desktops these days. Coffee shops are full of people using phones and tablets to complete transactions. This trend has exploded in just a few short years. An investment into your mobile presence is the best advertisement money can buy. Give us a call at 774-313-9147 to discuss a mobile plan for your business.

Free Hosting

Free hosting for one year is included with our mobile web design package.

Device independent design is increasingly important.

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