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Your website should achieve return on investment. We create web pages that have built-in search engine optimization so that your site can be found. We base web site development on your company's goals. Do you need more clients? Do you want to cut more hair? Do you want to sell more products? Deliver more pizza? What ever your goals are, we discover who your clients are and what they search for. We engineer a site that will help your company expand into the future.

A website is the best advertisement investment business can make. With proper design and engineering, a website becomes a very profitable source of revenue. Break beyond the static business card style website and begin an on-line cash flow. There are countless on-line websites that earn millions of dollars per year. Think of your web presence as an extension of your brick and mortar company. The cost of a site is far below the cost of an employee. Sites can generate revenue while your office is closed, while you sleep, or when you are on vacation. We can show you how...

Cape Cod Web Design Packages

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Design It Right

Remember that you always get what you pay for. We have many years experience selling retail products on-line. We know how the whole profitable process works. Static business card websites do not generate much income, if any. Yes, you can find a way to own an inexpensive website, or you can hire us to develop a real on-line business that adds to your bottom line. Give us a call at 774-313-9147 to arrange for your free consultation or order a web design package on-line.

You Have A Site? (SEO)

Imagine a website that is only read by you. We can change that. Let us engineer your website so that search engines can explore it and place it in the proper category. Qualified clients can find you when the search engines are considered prior to development. Work with us to get the job done right.

Cape Cod Wakes Up

We often speak to frustrated businesses that have made poor web design investments. They feel their on-line presence is a necessary evil, but not worth chasing. Then there are the smart Cape Cod businesses that realize e-commerce is ripe with cash flow — they reach out to grab their share. We see company after company grow their business by attracting web traffic and “closing the sale” on-line.

E-Commerce Classes

E-Commerce classes continue at Upper Cape Tech. Barry Tuttle, our certified web developer, is teaching how to capture on-line profits. For more information, please call Upper Cape Tech. at 508-759-7711.

Content Management

We can lighten you business load by offering multiple ways to handle your website content. We offer popular programs that you can use to update your site or we can handle all of the updates for you. We also offer staff training for content management.

Free Hosting

One year free web hosting is included with our web design package (not including shopping cart sites).

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